April 30, 2016

You Belong Here!

Day 2 - SCBWI Wild, Wild, West Conference

Okay, so, I have to be honest. I did not know what I was stepping into when I signed up for this conference. Having never done this before, I even brought along my laptop, and extra books to read, you know, in case I had lots of downtime on my hands, and not one of the 500+ folks would talk to me. I always prepare for the worst. I'm a social survivalist. I pack what's necessary.

But, guess what? I made friends AND I have enough material for my brain to chew on to last at least until the next conference! Whew!


Just today, alone, I've learned:

1) the diversity in my texts is absolutely heading in the right direction

2) an organizational strategy for series writing

3) that both authors and agents make wonderful lunch pals

4) what to do in case of a PR crisis

5) that "So What" is the answer when "Play More" is not

6) I'm not alone, nor behind - in fact, I'm exactly in the right space at the right time #MidwestSCBWI2016

7) that "said" is not dead  #ZombieSaid

8)  so far everyone at this conference is amazingly supportive of one another no matter where we are in our processes.

And the day is not even over!  Stay tuned!

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