May 26, 2016

From the clay...

Some days, when I sit down to write, I feel like extracting the ideas from my brain is akin to pulling sewing threads through hardening clay. My brain aches just trying to keep hold of the turn of phrase that best captures and articulates my idea.

I know the concept of drafting is supposed to cure this and I'm supposed to just let the ideas flow free, to sketch the shape of the story. On days like this, the concept of drafting does not help at all! More days of pulling more threads through clay, surely, makes the headache much worse.

But, these are the days when I have to remind myself that it takes time, patience, and plenty of hydration to get the threads from the clay.

From this clay, many beautiful forms may take shape, and each delicate thread's true color is revealed when exposed to the light.

These are the days when the finer points are blessings, even if the stitches are small and delicate upon the page.

Because today one more piece of the story is known, and there is always tomorrow.

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